David Davies

David is co-founder and CSO of Escavox, a real time IOT and distributed data ledger solution, working to reduce billions of dollars of food waste and lost profits by tracking and identifying flaws in the food supply chain.

Last year, EscaVox secured the world’s largest ever fresh produce tracking pilot with Woolworths supermarket chain and is expanding into export markets across Asia. 

David is also founder and CEO of AgUnity, a platform conceived at a hackathon in 2016, which provides a blockchain and smartphone solution that improves trust and cooperation between groups of smallholder farmers. AgUnity also provides access to mobile finance and marketplace services and the platform has been adapted to solve other problems as diverse as wool origin tracking and artisanal mining.

He was awarded 2018 Global Agripreneur of the Year by FAC for AgUnity’s work helping developing world farmers lift themselves out of poverty.  AgUnity was recently highlighted in reports by World Bank, FAO WFP and Oxford University as a leading example of how to reduce inefficiency and waste leading to improved income, financial inclusion and reduced inequality in poor rural communities.