Penny Clark-Hall

Penny Clark-Hall is the founder of New Zealand’s first Social Licence Consultancy, which helps farmers and agribusinesses earn and maintain their Social Licence to Operate (SLO).

Now a Kellogg Rural Leader, Penny has specialised in primary industry PR and Communications. Prior to that, she worked in the film and television industry and as a Video Journalist for Sky News in the Parliamentary Press Gallery.

She says her farming background has been the primary drive behind her passion to help the sector earn and maintain its SLO.

“I work in the primary sector because I love the people and the environment. I’ve had the privilege of growing up on a farm and now living on one. The calibre of people I’ve met over my lifetime and career constantly leaves me awed. This, along with the fact that we all need to eat, and the culture of the farming community is why I feel an inherent need to help protect their Social Licence to Operate.”