Peri Drysdale

Peri founded Untouched World Ltd (then called Snowy Peak), in 1981.

Through Snowy Peak, high quality innovative luxury fibre blend knitwear was designed and produced, and exported to Europe, North America, and throughout Asia and Australasia.

After first pioneering the development and commercialisation of New Zealand mohair and merino, Peri spent several years working on perfecting the wild and variable possum fibre into a high quality merino blend yarn, this work was mostly in Japan. Merinomink™, a possum and merino knitwear fibre brand, was subsequently launched in 1996, possum fibre then then thought to be the first new natural fibre on the market in the past 200 years.

As Peri travelled about the world exporting, she became really concerned about the trajectory the planet and its people was on, and its long term sustainability. She wanted a brand that would model a new way of doing business, a lifestyle brand that would highlight that style and quality could be achieved without pollution to water and air, and filling landfills, and so Snowy Peak turned into Untouched World.

Under Peri’s leadership, Untouched World has won and continues to win many awards in design, business excellence, exporting, retail, sustainability and ethical governance. It is the first and only lifestyle fashion company in the world to be recognised by the United Nations for sustainability. 

Most recently, in 2018, she was inducted into the Company of Women Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame and was awarded the Ernst Young Exceptional Services to Entrepreneurship Award.