Image courtesy of  Nick Otto

Image courtesy of Nick Otto

Raymond McCauley

Raymond serves as Principal at Exponential Biosciences, a privately-held consultancy focused on the design and development of integrated systems in genomics, bioinformatics, systems biology, and practical nanotechnology.

He is also Chair of Digital Biotechnology at Singularity University and is a part of the Brain Trust assisting Boma, a global network of country partners including Boma New Zealand, which supports businesses and individuals to better navigate the rapidly changing world and co-create a more intentional and intelligent future. 

He is co-founder and Chief Architect for BioCurious—the hackerspace for biotech and not-for-profit where professional scientists, DIYbio hobbyists and entrepreneurs come together to design the next big thing to come out of a Silicon Valley garage. 

He is part of the team that developed next generation DNA sequencing at Illumina, where he worked in bioinformatics, cancer sequencing, and personal genomics. His work and story have been featured in WiredForbes, Time, and Nature.

Raymond’s postgraduate work includes studies at Texas A&M University, Stanford and UC Berkeley in electrical engineering, computer science, biophysics, biochemistry, bioinformatics, and nanotechnology.