Roger Beattie

Roger is Managing Director of Wyld. With his innovative farming and electric fencing background, he's achieved his dream of combining conservation with entrepreneurial flair.

After a short stint at university, Roger went to the Chathams to shear sheep, cull Pitt Island wild sheep, and dive for paua. These experiences set the scene for Roger to now farm 1000ha of sheep, beef, paua, and kelp on Banks Peninsula together with his wife, Nicki.

Roger and Nicki are certified organic farmers to the USDA NOP standard and are focused on adding value to all of the products they produce, which include which include Pilana and Wyld wool and meat at Wyld and Wyld Lamb, blue pearls at Eyris Pearls, and Valere and Zelp at NZ Kelp.

They also set up New Zealand’s first large predator-proof reserve and are NZ’s most successful weka breeders. Their next goal is to sell farmed weka; they are staunch believers that “no farmed species has ever died out.”