Wayne Langford

Wayne Langford is a sixth generation dairy farmer from Golden Bay, who is best known as the man behind the You Only Live Once (YOLO) Farmer blog.

Wayne’s blog was started in 2017, on his 34th birthday. Although on the surface, things seemed good—he was married to his loving wife, Tyler, had three boys, and was running a successful dairy farm—beneath this calm exterior, Wayne was suffering from depression. Up until this point, Wayne had refused to name or discuss this illness because he was worried he would be labelled weak.

After confronting this realisation head-on, Wayne and Tyler grabbed their kids, jumped in their car and committed a year of doing one thing each day to show that they’d lived that day, and in doing so, changed their lives completely.

Over 700 days later, Wayne’s inspiring story of how this change in perspective has changed his farm, his family’s life, and his community. #YOLOFarmer has been heralded as a call to view farming life through a different lens and challenge the status-quo for the New Zealand’s rural community.

Through his time as a dairy farmer, Wayne has been a Fonterra supplier and has also served as the National Dairy Vice-Chairman of Federated Farmers.